BMX Parks

BMX parks are areas full of stunt features placed in random places but making a complete design. A park is a place to hangout with friends, or hone your stunt skills. Most people call bike parks, skate parks, or skate parks, bike parks, the truth is they are the same thing, with some exceptions because a few parks do not allow bikes and some do not allow skateboards. Some parks are private so make sure its public or, if it is private get permission to ride. Most parks are outdoors but some are indoors. Please do not paint any graffiti on any park as that might make the owners of the property not let you or anybody else ride on their park. Before you ride on any park, read the rules!


Here are a few stunt features to expect.

  • Ramp: a jump designed for big air.
  • Rails: metal tubes for grinding, set either in concrete on the lip of bowls and ramps, or set up like a real railing.
  • Quarter pipes: ramps shaped like 1/4 of a pipe.
  • Bowl: a big dip in the concrete with steep slopes created for difficult stunts.
  • Half pipes: two quarter pipes facing each other to form what looks like 1\2 of a pipe.
  • Full pipes: one of the most difficult features, a larger than life sized toy car loop-d-loop made out of concrete or wood.


Always wear a bike helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Before you ride on any park walk through the whole area to make sure there are no foreign objects or cracked concrete, if the crack in the concrete is very small then don’t worry about it, however if the crack is large then avoid that area. If there are safety hazards that you can remove then do so before you ride. Here are some other safety hazards to look out for:

  • Moisture

Moisture can come in many forms here are three: ice, snow, and water. Moisture can cause you to slip and hurt yourself.

  • Debris

Debris can cause a wreck so look out for these objects including but not limited to: leaves, gravel or sand, sticks, and cigarette butts. All of these things can be any where in the park, but are most commonly found in the bottom of bowls.

  • Rotten wood

If the BMX park has any wood features then walk on them and stomp your feet every 3 ft or so if it feels wobbly don't use that feature and, if you can, look underneath to make sure that it is safe. Have fun and be safe!

BMX parks are different from BMX Tracks click the link to find out why.