BMX Bike Parts

We will be going through the basic BMX bike parts. Knowing the parts of your bike and their functions is vital to keeping your bike in tip-top condition.

Reasons for knowing your BMX bike parts:

  • Being able to identify the trouble on your bike.
  • Being able to fix the problem.
  • Or replacing the broken parts properly.(wouldn't want the wheels to come off going over a jump eh?)

To fix or replace parts on your bike you will need a variety of tools. You can get most of the tools you would need at your local hardware store or you can get them by ordering over the internet. The best tools are sold by BMX bike companies because the tools will be specialized for their BMX bikes.


Make sure you buy the right sized components for your bike!

When buying BMX parts its not that important to get the same brand, but some brands have special pieces so make sure you know what your looking for.

Oiling your bike parts is essential to the upkeep of your bike. I use WD-40 on my bike, however,there are many specialized bike oils in the market that are more distinguished. When to oil your bike parts depends on how often you ride your bike. If you ride your bike every day then I would recommend oiling your bike once a week. If you ride your bike just a few times a week I would think that your bike should be oiled once every three weeks.

Where to oil on your BMX:

  • Chain.
  • Sprockets.
  • Front and back wheel hub.
  • Where the cranks attach to the frame.
  • Where the stem attaches to the frame.
  • Where the forks attach to the frame.

Oiling your brakes is also a good idea because it will make the brakes slow your bike down easier and faster. However Do not over oil, if you have to much oil on your BMX parts the excess oil will collect dust and grit.