BMX Bike Helmets. Things to Consider When Buying.

If you want to stay safe while riding bikes then you will need to wear BMX bike helmets. The most common helmets are bell BMX helmets . Even if you come off your bike at low speed you could still sustain a head injury,if you are not wearing a helmet.

This type of head protection is designed in such a way as to deal with high impacts. There are many different types of bike helmets and it is important to understand the type of protection offered. Some countries such as United States, Sweden, and Australia have specific laws governing the wearing of helmets.

Bike Helmets

How Do Helmets Work?

BMX bike helmets are comprised of stiff foam and it is this that cushions the impact of any type of impact to the head. There are different types of foam used to provide this type of protection. Helmets will usually contain polystyrene; these days the most common type will be crush-able expanded polystyrene (EPS). Some of the most modern cycle helmets also benefit from carbon fibers; these have recently been worn by some of the top cyclists in the Tour de France.

As well as the actually protection of the helmet they need to be able to stay on. If somebody comes off their bike they might be subject to a number of blows on the head so the helmet has to remain in place. The strap and buckle needs to be able to withstand a lot of abuse it needs to be comfortable and light. Some modern BMX bike helmets have been created to benefit from aerodynamics and they can also have special vents.

Do You Need to Wear a Helmet?

For a long time there were many cyclists who saw helmets as a novelty item; only really suitable for children. Even today there are a lot of people who dispute the benefits of bicycle helmets; their arguments are most often heard when there is any push for legislation in the UK. Since the 1970s though there has been an increased acceptance of this type of protection as people become more convinced that they can help prevent serious injuries. It is claimed that thousands of deaths are avoided each year because of cycle helmets. The death of the famous cyclist Andrei Kivilev in 2003 while racing in France brought a lot of attention back to this debate; he wasn't wearing a helmet.

BMX bike helmets can only be effective if they are worn properly and if they fit the wearer. It is important to do some research before making this type of purchase; there are always improvements in this type of technology and it makes sense to get the best protection possible. It is generally recommended that you change your helmet every five years. Of course if there is any dents or cracks in the helmet or if the buckle or strap is damaged you will need to change sooner. If a bike helmet can prevent us from receiving a head injury then it will be worth investing a bit of money into.

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