Bike Companies. Reviews of the Top Brand Cycles.

I know that visitors may use this information on bike companies to choose a bicycle so I aim for my reviews to be as comprehensive and useful as possible. I also know that readers will want to find out about all the different types of cycle and this is why many types of leisure, sport, and mountain varieties are covered. It is my mission to provide information that is both up to date and fair. Opinions will differ about favorite bicycles but I want my reviews to be as balanced and objective as possible.

Buying a bicycle can feel like a daunting task with so many bike companies to choose from. The best way to deal with so much choice is to do a bit of research into what is available; that way you will be able to eliminate a lot of unsuitable options and end up with a list of likely candidates. Buyer's remorse is usually preceded by a hasty purchase, but such regrets can be avoided if you have done your homework; hopefully the reviews presented here will be useful in this regard.

All the big names in bicycle manufacturing are reviewed here so you should have no problem finding something of interest. Here are just some of the manufacturers:

  • Bianchi is one of the oldest Italian bike companies in the world; this company has been making cycles since 1885. They are known for their use of pioneering technologies and materials.

  • Cervelo is another Italian company but that has been in business since 1995. They have produced bicycle frames that have won the Tour de France and stared in the Olympics.

  • Pinarello has been making bicycles since 1922 and has been praised for their ability to produce impressive handmade cycles. This Italian company originally used steel as their main cycle building material, but now they take advantage of aluminum and carbon fibers to produce wining bicycles.

  • BMC is a Swiss bicycle company founded by an American in 1995. This company has become known for their unique frames that benefit from the best in technology and precision.

  • Specialized is one of the big American manufacturers of bicycles and it has been in business since 1974. This company is renowned for producing bicycles to suit professional athletes and they also supply bicycle parts as well.

  • Trek is another American cycle manufacturer that has become associated with producing some of the best machines in the world.

  • Cannondale started out in as a business based in a pickle factory back in 1971, but have since become a highly respected name in the bike manufacture world. They make good use of aluminum to produce some really light frames.

  • Scott actually became famous first for producing innovative ski poles before taking what they had learned to produce high quality bicycles. Their aluminum and carbon fibered cycle frames are award winning and desired by many cyclists around the world.

Current Bike Companies:

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