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Welcome to my website. This website is aimed at bikes enthusiasts just like me who are excited about learning more about the awesome sport of bicycle riding. No matter what area of biking you are interested in I will have something to offer you. If you don't see some thing on my website that you think should be included, please Email me at

The main for reason for all our content is to inform my readers on all that is associated with bicycles. I work every day to cover all the most sought after information such as reviews of bicycles, reviews of bike components, and information on BMX bikes.

I am eager for you the reader to feel at home. Of course you probably are at home. I try to provide plenty of ways that you can contribute and share information that will be beneficial to my other readers. If you have a bicycle service that you would like to advertise or if there is a bicycle video you would like to share or a book you would like to review then I will try to post it but you have to realize that there are wany people sending videos or reveiws so I cannot post them all.

I know my readers want the best information and I want to provide it. This is why if you have any training or other tips you will be welcome to share them here. I also aim to build up a comprehensive list of bicycle routes and events and will be happy if you want to share some of your favorite routes or events with me.

An important element here is my reviews. I know that there is a lot of choice when it comes to bicycles, parts, and clothing and I want to make it easier for my readers to make good purchases. This is why I review all the products that I think my readers are likely to buy. I have my own opinions but I try to keep these reviews fair and balanced.

Keeping You Informed

I work hard to keep my readers up to date with all the news from the bicycle world. There is always something going on somewhere, and this is why my pages are updated as often as I can handle. I will also be providing rider profiles so that you can get to know famous bikers a bit better. If you have any questions about bicycling then I will always be happy to answer them.

I am very passionate about bicycles and I hope my readers are to. Why not join my growing group of regular readers. I promise that you will enjoy the ride!